Westland Survival
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Westland Survival APK + MOD (Free Purchase, Mega Menu, VIP) v3.5

Free Purchase, Mega Menu, VIP
Name Westland Survival
ID com.heliogames.westland
Publisher Helio Games
Genre Adventure
MOD Features Free Purchase, Mega Menu, VIP
Version 3.5
Size 289MB
Requires Android Android 6.0
Price FREE
Updated On

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Westland Survival MOD APK is a survival game with a zombie apocalypse theme. You have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world in which you have to kill zombies and find weapons and other items to survive. This game is completely free to download and play, and you can use the power of the Google Play Store to get the premium features of the game.

About Westland Survival 

The gameplay is simple. You start in a small town, and you have to fight off the zombies. You can use a gun, a knife, or even a shovel to fight the zombies. You can also find weapons in the game. You can also find some other items in the game such as food, medicine, and ammunition. You can buy these items from the store in the game. You can also upgrade your weapons and armor to improve your chances of survival. You can also find upgrades for your weapons and armor in the game. You can do all this to survive in this game.

Westland Survival MOD APK

Westland Survival MOD APK (Free Purchase, Mega Menu, VIP)-An Expansive Unexplored Wild West

Westland Survival is an expansive unexplored wild west for your Android smartphones and tablets. The new survival game has been updated and added a number of new features, including a mega menu, a new map, new weapons, new vehicles, and even more weapons. Westland Survival MOD APK is a very exciting and entertaining action game. It is currently the number one free app.

In Westland Survival APK, players have to choose from two different factions: the town and the bandits. Players can decide to fight for either side and build up their own town or join the opposing faction and take control of the region. During their journey through the land, players will be able to collect various resources, which can be used to craft items, weapons, and armor. They can also take part in daily challenges and complete tasks to earn rewards.

Westland Survival APK (Free Purchase, Mega Menu, VIP)-Smooth And Interactive Control:

Westland Survival MOD APK (Free Purchase, Mega Menu, VIP) – Smooth and interactive control of survival in the most extreme situations. There is no place for complacency in survival because the world is a dangerous and unpredictable place. Therefore, in real-life situations, in order to survive, you must be prepared. Enjoy playing this epic journey through dangerous lands. Explore, survive, fight and do many other things. This game is for everyone who loves action, adventure games, and games with big open worlds.

Westland Survival MOD APK


In Westland Survival, players will have the ability to build a variety of things to make their living easier. Players can construct buildings that include farms, mines, factories, storage facilities, farms, schools, universities, and many others. They can also build shops and warehouses where players can sell goods, or repair or improve their weapons or armor. If players want to create a new area, they can build a city or village and develop it into a place where people can live, work, and play. To do this, they have to use the money they make in the economy to build or buy new items for their base.

Westland Survival MOD APK- Fascinating Crafting System

The game offers a crafting system that allows the player to craft everything from weapons, armor, ammunition, vehicles, and more. You will need to gather materials to make these items. You can find these materials either in the world around you or you can buy them in shops. In addition, you will need to use a certain level of technology to make the items you want. The level of technology you need depends on the quality of the item you are making. If you are planning to make the best possible weapon, you need to make it using high-quality items and you also need the right kind of technology. In order to do this, you must get to the highest level of technology in the game. Once you get to this point, you will be able to make better weapons and other items. The only way you can get to this level is to play the game and spend some time getting to know it. It’s a challenging and rewarding experience. You can spend hours playing the game and never get bored. You’ll be amazed at how much you can make from the game. In addition, the game has a very rich storyline that is quite entertaining.

Westland Survival MOD APK

Westland Survival MOD APK- Defeat The Raider Or Raid Them

When you are playing Westland Survival, you may find that there are other people who are in a bad mood. They will raid your base and try to kill you. This is not the time to be lazy. You must take care of the situation and protect yourself. Try to stay alert and keep watch for intruders. Then, you need to find some weapons to defend yourself. If you can successfully kill the attackers, you will have a much better chance of surviving. However, if you can’t, you might be killed. Don’t give up. The more you try, the easier it will become. You should always try to be ready for anything. Be careful and try not to get hurt. Good luck!

Westland Survival MOD APK-Survive With Friends For Fun

People who play games with others usually have a better time. That’s why they enjoy doing things together. When you are playing a game with a friend, you’ll both feel happier and refreshed. You can work on things together such as making an awesome weapon or crafting something useful. You can also go on adventures together and look for hidden treasures. You can build a base in the wild west and live together with other players. That’s why players love to make friends and play games with them.

Key Features of Westland Survival MOD APK

  • Not to be missed events. Protect a train from bandits. People will trade goods with a survivor.
  • Join the Shaman’s struggle against undead spirits in Red Canyons. Bossing it to the best treasure!
  • Spirit Caves: divine riddles to solve Raid a zombie army to rescue lost souls.
  • Fill out the daily assignments and join the PVP ladder. Call your amigos!
  • A cowboy without a horse You can go faster and carry more with a stable.

Download Westland Survival MOD APK for Android

Westland Survival v3.5 APK

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