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Raft Survival Mod APK v1.214.1 (Free Shopping, Mega Menu)

Name Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad
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Size 102MB
Latest Version 1.214.1
MOD Info Free Shopping, Mega Menu
Update March 2, 2023 (3 weeks ago)
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In Raft Survival Mod APK (Free Shopping, Mega Menu), the simulator is built on the concept of ​​realistic shipwreck simulation. With a diverse array of ship parts and a wide range of equipment and tools, you can assemble your flotation device, collect wood from nearby trees, catch fish and make a fire to ease your way through the ocean. After you have created a raft, you start roaming the vast oceans. You will explore different scenes with different types of waves and weather conditions in which the adverse conditions will challenge you.

The players will have to use their skills and creativity to ensure the survival of their intentions. The game has many mechanics that provide an extraordinary experience through gameplay and visual effects. When starting this game, you will be surprised by its beautiful graphics, great animation, and high-quality sound effects that add depth to the gameplay. All these make you feel like you are experiencing survival in a dangerous sea full of obstacles. You will have a lot of exciting moments about how to find food, water, or other vital resources necessary for your survival.

 Raft Survival provides a highly immersive survival game; players with interest and curiosity about the sea will be delighted. The heart of this survival game is in the vast and extensive oceans, which are filled with countless nutrients and opportunities for you to explore. After being stranded on the raft, you will have to collect waste from the environment to build your raft again, improving your survival abilities, but these wastes will not be enough. Once in need of a new supply, you can drift across the sea and find new resources. When playing Raft Survival, you will be amazed by the player’s ability to visualize and appreciate the beauty of nature on large and small scales. Many fans have expressed interest in this survival game as it has many unique features and gameplay elements.

Raft Survival Mod APK

About Raft Survival

The game has a lot of daring and excitement, but players can also experience the emotions of being stranded in the middle of nowhere. When the player starts this game, he will be amazed by its realistic design and simulation. This part refers to the natural environment. That is why characters come across dangerous incidents such as attacks from sharks and shipwrecks. Each area will have unusual weather, creating a different challenge for players. The rafting games also have a variety of visuals and sounds that add to their immersive quality. The game is full of beautiful landscapes with a unique atmosphere ranging from calm water to raging sea. This survival game requires deep knowledge of resources, survival mechanisms, and survival strategies. Players must be highly focused and observant because the game is a test of vigilance and response. If players choose to survive their expedition, they must be prepared for possible incidents such as an attack from sharks.

Features of Raft Survival Mod APK 

  1. A Real Life
  2. Make friends
  3. Become familiar with the ocean
  4. Thrilling adventures
  5. Creating Your Raft
  6. Enjoy Wonderful Graphics


The game will offer the player a real-life experience, let them become familiar with the ocean, and enjoy exciting adventures. The characters face unexpected incidents such as shipwrecks and shark attacks during the game. As time goes on, you will encounter different weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes that can severely damage your raft. The game takes players on a remarkable sea voyage on the mighty ocean. Whether they want to explore the sea in solitude or enjoy life with friends, they can sail away from the main island, which is known as Obonoi Island.

Raft Survival Mod APK


The game allows players to make friends with different characters and share the love of exploration. You can also cooperate with other players to complete challenging missions, such as rescuing the drowning sailor or finding food to satisfy your hunger. Those looking for some excitement in the warm seas will never be disappointed. You can always meet friends in this survival game and have fun together. While traveling, you may encounter other players who share the same passion and accompany you through many adventures. You may encourage new friends by sharing ideas and knowledge about various subjects such as weapons and tools.

Raft Survival Mod APK


You can explore the ocean and its fascinating creatures in this survival game. The water is so natural that when you dive down, you will see many fish swimming around you. While exploring the underwater world, you may find many food sources that can help fill your stomach when you are hungry. Many resources are also available on land and water to help players survive longer. In addition to finding food and drinking water, players must also find enough wood to build their raft. Explore different scenes with different kinds of waves and weather conditions. The game will become a favorite with its addictive gameplay, strong aesthetics, and many features.

Raft Survival Mod APK


Players will be interested in the game because of its different adventures. The game has many unique and exciting challenges, so you will never feel bored. The journey on the raft is full of danger: whether you are exploring the underwater world, hunting food, finding valuable resources, or defending your raft from waves and sharks, players will always experience different challenges with exciting gameplay. Unlike other games that restrict the player to a fixed role, Raft Survival gives players more freedom to play their way. You can build your raft according to your needs and embark on a challenging expedition alone or with friends. Discover new areas for yourself or others.


In this survival game, players need to build a raft from the resources they collect in the ocean. The materials include wood, rope, and other materials. Players will also find different resources on land and need to collect them before building a raft. However, players may not be able to see all of them all at once. Therefore, they must also search for additional sources of raw materials on land. At the end of each day, you can assemble your new tools according to your needs. The new tools will help you complete specific tasks such as collecting wood or finding valuable resources on the land. Each part of the raft can be destroyed or broken, so you have to ensure that your raft is strong enough and durable enough to withstand the impact of each wave on the sea. 

Raft Survival Mod APK


Players can explore the ocean in full 3D graphics in this survival game. Each new area has its unique theme, atmosphere, and weather, making playing more enjoyable. The game uses a variety of visual effects and dynamic lighting to create a realistic vision for players. Graphics in this game are designed for a natural look. Players can move freely on their raft and feel the authentic sailing experience in the game. There are also many exciting and dangerous scenes in the game. Players will always be alert, whether it is an attack from sharks or a storm. The graphics of this survival game will impress all kinds of players because they are so real that you feel like you are sailing on the ocean. 

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Raft Survival is one of the best Android games developed to give the players an exciting journey in the ocean. It is a thrilling and fun survival game that provides players with exciting adventures in exchange for their effort. If you have not played this game, now it’s your chance to discover new areas and enjoy exciting adventures with friends. You will never be disappointed because Raft Survival offers different experiences with addictive gameplay and strong aesthetics.

The varied missions are a great way to build relationships with your friends, competitors, or other users who share the same passion as you do. Challenge yourself by cooperating with others or finding your way through this survival game. It will give you the vibe of a natural survival game with all the resources available in the ocean. 

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