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Lucky Patcher Original APK v10.3.6 (Fully Unlocked + No Root)

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Have you ever heard of Lucky Patcher? If not, let me tell you a little bit about it. Lucky Patcher mod apk is an app that allows you to modify your apps, delete excessive advertising, and more. It’s a really great tool for anyone who wants more control over their apps. The developers recently released the original APK, so now everyone can enjoy the full benefits of Lucky Patcher without having to go through a third party. Check it out!

The app is fairly simple to use, but it can get really technical if you want it to. There are tons of custom patches that you can apply to apps with just one click, and there’s also a more advanced section for users who know what they’re doing. You don’t even need to root your phone or change any settings!

Description of Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a great tool for Android users, as it allows you to hack many games and apps on your phone with ease. The app can remove ads from apps, back up their data, bypass Premium Applications License Verification, and lots more. Lucky Patcher also allows you to create custom patches. You can patch an app to have more features, remove license verification from a paid application so you can use it for free, and you can even create custom patches of your own.

The possibilities are really endless with Lucky Patcher! The developers recently released the original APK as well as a new module that allows users to inject code into the running apps on their phones. As for how it works, Lucky Patcher doesn’t really make any changes to your system or alter your applications in a dangerous way. It simply makes direct changes to the /data/data/ files of whatever app you want to modify.

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About Lucky Patcher Original APK

Lucky Patcher Original APK

Lucky Patcher is an app for android that allows you to modify apps so that they have more options. Normally, some apps are sold just by developers with some features restricted, but lucky patcher allows anyone to remove this restriction easily. Lucky patcher also gives the option to back up the modified APK file of any paid app before re-applying the patch to it.

Today I’m going to show you how to download the Lucky patcher Original APK file and install it on your Android device easily without much trouble. Not every app will work as well as they claim, but don’t worry lucky patcher lets you test any patched app before applying the patch permanently, this way you can test any app before applying the patch.

Lucky patcher also allows removing ads from apps, as well as some games as well, this way you can unlock features within a game that would otherwise be locked without buying it or completing some tasks first.

Read on to know how to download and install lucky patcher on your Android device.

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Features of Lucky Patcher Mod APK

Lucky Patcher Original APK

Features of Lucky Patcher Mod APK are very important. Here we go.

Remove License Verification

This function removes license verification in most applications. But it is not possible to remove license verification for all apps because some apps check your device’s IMEI or serial number so this method will not work on them. You can also block ads using Lucky Patcher Mod APK on games and other apps that contain advertisements.


It creates a backup of the current app you are working with on your SD card, so after modifying an app if anything goes wrong while using it you can easily restore its old version from the backup. Also, there are options to auto-backup modified apps and schedule backups under Menu > Preferences.

User & Time-Based Restrictions

Now you can control the app functionalities on your kids and other users.

System App Mover

It allows you to move any system app to an SD card.

Advanced Patch Engine

Lucky Patcher Mod APK includes a patch engine that can generate signed apk files by applying multiple patches at once. You can find the list of supported patches in Patch List.

Logging Options

Lucky Patcher Mod APK gives options to log activities including active Applications, modified Apps, crashes that occurred within Modified apps, Lucky Patcher logs, etc all under Menu > Preferences. You can also search for these logs under Tools > Logs.

Show modified Apps in the List

Modified apps are marked with an icon in the list so that they can be easily distinguished. You can enable or disable this option under Menu > Preferences.

Filter Modified Apps in the List

If you want to find a particular app among thousands of apps installed on your device, then use this feature. Just enter keywords for apps and Lucky Patcher will display matching results from its database after applying filters. You can also perform a reverse search by entering any part of the app’s name, Lucky Patcher will list all apps having those keywords as a part of their names, you can select the required one from the list and open it. These features work only if Lucky Patcher has the necessary rights to access the list of your installed apps.

Auto Update

There is an option to automatically check and update the Mod Version of Lucky Patcher (under Menu > Preferences ). But it will work only if your device has an active internet connection.

Backup & Restore

This feature allows you to back up all data of an app before modifying or deleting it, so in case something goes wrong during the modification process, you can restore it back later on. To activate this option go to Menu > Preferences > Backup/Restore. Backup files are saved under /sdcard/LuckyPatcher directory with names starting with the “backup-” prefix. You can set a scheduled task under Menu > Preferences > Scheduler section for up modified apps on the time interval you like.

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How To Download Lucky Patcher Original APK File On Android?

Downloading Lucky patcher’s original apk file on android is a bit more tricky and confusing than most apps and games however for that you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: First of all check whether your device is compatible with the version of Lucky Patcher Mod Apk. Different versions are designed for different devices so just go through compatibility. It’s better to download Lucky Patcher Apk from Official Website so as to get a 100% working app without any issues. You can find out if your device is compatible with its various versions by clicking here. Just download the version according to your device.

Step 2: To download Lucky Patcher Apk, you can either download it using your web browser or go to Google Play Store. You can also download it from the official website. Just remember that when downloading apps outside of Google Play Store, you will be prompted with a warning message for security purposes. Once downloaded, head over to the Downloads folder on your Android device and locate the lucky patcher apk file in order to install the lucky patcher’s original apk file.

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Step 3: Now, open the file manager on your android device and select the “Install” app button (The one with the green arrow) to start the installation process. You will get a dialogue box confirming the installation of Lucky Patcher APK (This step is very important if you skip it the app will not install).

Step 4: Allow all permissions asked by it during the installation process. Once you tap on “Install”, another dialogue box will pop up asking for a storage location to save the app which you need to select somewhere in your device memory. Then allow some time so that apk file can be installed successfully on your android device.

It provides support for Android version 2.1 and up which makes this tool usable by more than 400 million devices running across the world, making this one of the most used tools worldwide with an active community of more than 6 million users who actively use this software daily.

How to Install Lucky Patcher Apk File?

1. Uninstall any previous version of Lucky Patcher installed on your device if any.

2. Download the latest Lucky Patcher APK file from the links provided at the bottom of this page to your computer or directly to your Android device using a free file manager app like ‘File Explorer‘.

3. Locate the File Manager on your Android Device open it & navigate to the downloaded Lucky Patcher APK file (step 2).

4. Choose whether you want to install the Lucky Patcher app as ‘Mobile’ or ‘Tablet’ for better compatibility with your Android device.  (This can be done before or after opening/running the app for the first time)

5. Press Install.

6. Open the Lucky Patcher APK file from your Android device and you should be greeted with a warning page.  Press the green ‘Yes’ button and start using Lucky Patcher on your Android device…

Lucky Patcher No Root Version- Available or not?

The name Lucky Patcher No Root Version is a bit awkward. To know if it’s available or not you have to read the next lines.

Lucky Patcher v6.4 is now released and brings a lot of updates, new features, and bug fixes. In this post, I will tell you all about them – but first things first.

Lucky Patcher No Root Version allows you to do a lot of things that can’t be done without connecting your device to your PC. For example, getting rid of license verification, removing ads from apps and games, backing up paid applications before they disappear or are replaced by an updated version, etc. You can also change the default install location of any app you want and patch Google Play to download premium apps for free.

FAQs of Lucky Patcher Mod Apk

Q1. What is Lucky Patcher?

A1. Lucky patcher is an app that helps in customizing many android apps and games. It cracks the premium version of any app and modifies it.

Q2. What are the features of this hacking app?

A2. The features of this app are given below-

1. It has the feature to remove ads from apps.

2. It helps in downloading paid games free of cost.

3. This app also helps in moving the data files to an SD card without rooting your android device.

 4. It can back up all your apps so you can restore them when required. 5. It helps in blocking any app on your device.

Q3. Is Lucky Patcher safe to use?

A3. Yes, it is absolutely safe to use this app. It does not harm your android device in any way.

Q4. How can I know that my game or app has been hacked by a lucky patcher?

A4. You can easily know that your app has been hacked by a lucky patcher if there is a ‘patch’ sign next to the name of the app.

Q5. How can I get this modded lucky patcher apk?

A5. In order to get this modded version of the app, you need to download it from any


The Lucky Patcher APK has been downloaded more than 1 million times and is available in over 20 different languages. It’s one of the most popular tools for modifying Android apps, games, and software without rooting your phone or installing an app store manager like Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore. If you need to modify any type of app on your device, this handy tool will get the job done quickly with no fuss!

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