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JustFall LOL Mod Apk 3.1.2 (Menu/Hack jump, fly)

Name JustFall.LOL
Offered By JustPlay.LOL
Size 39M
Latest Version 3.1.2
MOD Info Super Jump, Fly
Update November 24, 2022 (4 months ago)
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Price FREE
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In JustFall LOL Mod Apk (Menu/Hack jump, fly), you will experience a penguin who always wants to be the number one. In this world, you will meet a bunch of characters: penguins, little bears, and other cute animals. In this MOD APK, you will find an adorable penguin called Happy Penguin. Throughout the game, your mission will be to help the penguin to run and jump from one platform to another. However, it would help if you were careful because the platforms will appear from nowhere and disappear at any time. Keeping Happy Penguin’s life limited is imperative as a player. JustFall provides you with a bunch of tools along the way. Choose your character wisely because it might become your best companion for future challenges.

JustFall is an enjoyable game with impressive graphics, quality music, and significant sound effects. It is up to you to discover the exciting elements of this game.

You’ll have endless fun playing JustFall if you like the JustFall LOL Mod Apk game. With its high-quality graphics, this MOD APK is suitable for players who want to play a simple and addictive game on their smartphones or tablets. 


This game is not only about falling quickly but also about challenging your reaction time. So, you must find the blue platform to improve your character’s life. Moreover, the little bears and penguins will help you in your journey. They are treasures for you to collect. Your mission is to collect as many treasures as possible to get a higher ranking on the leaderboard. To do so, you need to jump from one platform to another as quickly as possible.

JustFall LOL Mod Apk

The more treasures you collect, the higher ranking you will get. To make the game easier, fall Mod Apk has provided some upgrades for your characters, such as increasing your attack speed, life points, and others. Moreover, it also provides an unlimited number of lives or gems. Thus when a penguin falls from a high platform, he can press the “R” button to stop falling and start running at an incredible speed to jump on another platform quickly. However, this is not easy because it will take some time to recover from the fall and then return to a running speed again to keep running as much as possible.

Make friends and Play

Having the option to play with your friends is an added benefit of this game. Make friends and play with your friends and other penguins. Play with them in many different modes, such as 1 round. You can have fun with your buddies by playing with them and searching for treasures. Pick out a network that suits you best to be able to play together with your friends or with people who are far away from you. It’s never been easier than now! How long can you hold on? Play the game to your heart’s content by finding in-game items. You can also challenge each other to see who can run the most. If you enjoy a great game of JustFall, get ready to tell your friends about it by sharing this Mod Apk with them.

JustFall LOL Mod Apk

A variety of gameplay modes are available

Just Fall Mod Apk will provide you with many different modes. As you play through these modes, you will gain a deeper understanding of how JustFall works. Playing this game anytime, day or night will enhance the enjoyment of your journey. You can enjoy the variety of modes available in JustFall Lol Mod Apk. If you complete each mode, you will be rewarded with diamonds that are the only things needed to upgrade your character’s skills.

JustFall LOL Mod Apk

Unique Graphic Design and Best Sound

JustFall is a simple and addictive game. Especially children and teenagers can enjoy the game’s background music. Nevertheless, the sound effects are beautiful and realistic, so even adults can enjoy it. It offers perfect graphics because it is 3D based game. Therefore, it can run smoothly on Android devices with different specifications and display sizes.

JustFall LOL Mod Apk

Get the Look You Want

Another exciting game feature is that you may try to unlock or upgrade your characters as much as possible to become more potent than the other penguins. You will be able to enjoy the game of JustFall when you set up your strategy and make your own decisions. Playing this game allows you to do a few different things. Changing the colors of your character and accessories, as well as your pets, is possible. Some items are only available for special characters, so try to unlock them one by one using diamonds and other resources.

JustFall LOL Mod Apk

Simple control

  The controls in this game are very straightforward; you need to tap on the screen to move your penguin on the screen. You don’t need to stay in one place because sometimes, you will find yourself jumping from one platform to another even if you are too far away from it. If a penguin falls off a platform, he can turn off his character instantly and start running at an incredible speed to jump on another platform quickly. However, this is not easy because it will take some time to recover from the fall and then return to a running speed again to keep running as much as possible.

JustFall LOL Mod Apk

Unlimited Money

You will get unlimited resources in this Mod Apk, such as coins, life, or diamonds. It is convenient to install & play with, keeping you away from boredom. A significant advantage of this game is that it is free to play. You don’t need to buy diamonds or gems to unlock new characters. You will always be able to unlock a new character even if you don’t have enough resources. So, you don’t need to worry if you cannot complete the mission because you can still unlock it. After all, there are no limitations in this game.

Download JustFall LOL Mod Apk (Menu/Hack jump, fly)

Download the JustFall LOL Mod Apk and have fun.


If you love penguins and games, you will love Just Fall Mod Apk. This game is fun and entertaining for a wide range of ages. It is also suitable for those who are bored playing other games and wants a simple game like JustFall without complicated controls or ways. JustFall will entertain you to keep you away from boredom. You can upgrade and unlock your characters, pets, and other items as much as possible and start playing this game with a new strategy. In the end, we hope that this Mod Apk will bring you the best experience of playing the game, and this guide will help you understand all of its features more clearly.

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