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How To Add Apps To VIZIO Smart TV – Latest Update In 2022

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Vizio Smart TV has many features and functions available Vizio smart tv, Vizio Smart cast TV, and VIA / VIA Plus TV the two types are available in the market because of their high functionality and multiple features in the TV.

It is possible for an ordinary person to control this TV. So today we have brought this article for those users who add apps to Vizio Smart TV. Or we have to manage. We will learn a good point today, add point visuals to a smart TV and manage them

VIZIO used to offer apps to Smart TVs in its early days but from 2016. Vizio stopped giving apps to its smart TVs and started launching its own TVs with Google Cast functionality.

And since then add the Max Peoples apps to their smart TV’s the problem of doing this started coming up, if you see anything other than Vizio’s smart TVs, as soon as you come by adding apps to the smart TVs of all other companies.

Identify the model of your Vizio Smart TV

Before we move on, we should know about the VIZIO model as it is available in the 3-model model market of Vizio, which we need to identify as all three categories of smart TVs are different.

According to the list we are giving you, you should find your TV model and then process it further.

  • 2015 and older VIZIO Smart TVs offer VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA) or VIZIO Internet Apps Plus (VIA +)
  • 2016 and 2017 VIZIO Smart TV offers VIZIO Internet App Plus (VIA +) or Intelligent Cast
  • 2018 and new VIZIO Smart TVs offer Smartcast

I suggest that you find out in the above 3 points when your TV is from, after that you should do further process

Added Apps on Vizio Smart CAST TV- Update 2022

Vizio Smartcast HD and 4K UHD TVs come inside app store tv for app downloading but some smart Vizio TVs used to have such functions earlier but stopped coming later and then you have to use functionality like Google Cast For which you need your smartphone

Due to the more complex functionality in Vizio Smartcast TV, a common person cannot add apps to Vizio smart cast tv. Seeing this problem, we have explained below point to point how you can easily add an app to Vizio smart cast tv

  1. Connect your mobile to an Android or iOS device and use Smart cast VIZIO TV on the same network.
  2. Open the app store according to your device Android or iOS and download the casting enabled app
  3. After download, install it on your mobile and complete the sign-in process if available otherwise skip
  4. When you are connected to the same network of smartphones and TV on both devices you can see the see Cast icon on the app screen.
  5. Select the icon and select your Vizio Smart cast TV.
  6. Now, play the media content you want and it will appear on TV.

Added Apps on Vio OR Via Plus TV- Update 2022

Now, with the advent of new technology, VIA and VIA Plus TVs are designed, unlike other smartest TVs. These TVs have a built-in app store for downloading apps. The user does not need a smartphone to add you, you can easily add and enjoy apps from your TV remote.

  1. We can give some points according to them and can download the app to your smart tv
  2. Launch the App Store on your Vizio TV with the V button of your TV remote.
  3. Search with category or search bar as your choice
  4. Click the button on your selected app
  5. Select Install and add the app on your TV

Above are discussed two ways to add an app to the Vizio Smart TV. If you are using any other TV, then you will need almost the same process to add the app on Smart TV as well.

Vizio Internet Apps / Apps +

In many Vizio TVs, you use Yahoo or through Internet apps in Vizio. Due to the lack of an Internet system in many Vizio TVs, you have to take the help of a smartphone or Wi-Fi that joins your Smart TV.

You can use all types of internet apps on your TV after using Google Cast. You can also use the prelims like Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can also watch your YouTube videos.

How to Manage apps on Vizio Smart TV or How to add apps to VIZIO smart tv?

In smart TVs and smartphones, you have only a small difference in managing apps, you can update, delete, and manage custom row apps of all kinds.

1. Deleting apps on VIA or VIA+

If you want to remove your apps from your smart tv, then you can follow this process, this process is effective in almost all smart TVs.

  • Move your remote to the icon of the app you want to remove on the app screen.
  • Highlighting the application will bring up a pop-up menu
  • This will now give you a list of options, among them, choose the delete option
  • Finally, press the OK button on your remote and within a few seconds the app will be removed

2. When Update apps on Vizio Smart TV

  • Press V button from remote to update apps in Vizio smart tv
  • Then, go to the app you want to update
  • Press the yellow button on your remote while highlighting the app
  • Then, if an update is available for that application, consider the update option as important. If you see it, just click on it and the update will start now

3. Managing and customizing the App Row

  • At the top left side of the screen, you’ll see an icon labeled Customize App 
  • Row. Using your remote, select this icon
  • Then, simply select the app that you want to move
  • Use the left or right arrows to move the selected app
  • Finally, when you have it moved to where you want it to be, press the OK key and that’s it.


Vizio Smart TV is going to be a little confusing for the customer because the features in this smart TV are so full that you will take 2 to 3 days to see and understand all its functions but you do not need to worry,

We told you all kinds of processes. You have to follow stepwise and you will do this job easily Hope you have liked our article if you are facing any problem in compiling this process, then you can comment on us, we will help you.

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