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Apps for the Daily Grind on Workday

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It can get pretty crazy when things at work get too overwhelming. However, it is inevitable; there are hundreds of tasks to go through in a day and you remember to do most of them by the end of the day. In an ideal scenario, you would need a reminder app for that. Also, some tasks might seem too time-consuming and could be carried out with the help of mobile apps instead. Read ahead to find a whole list of them that can prove to be useful for you while you are grinding away at work. 

But for either of these apps to function accordingly, you need an internet connection so your tasks, that are synced to the apps, are not put on hold or interrupted. Go for the Xfinity Mobile plans for reliable and seamless connectivity.

Let’s move on to the apps that you could use to help grind through the workday;

Google Drive

This app is the most effective and user-friendly app containing multiple features such as keeping stock of your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. on the cloud. This means that you can view and edit them from any kind of device, any time of the day, as long as your Google account is logged in. At times, you might not have your laptop with you for accessing some documents at a meeting. Google Drive is there to save you in such a scenario; you can view documents from the cloud on Google Drive.


What if you need to send over scanned documents but the office scanner suddenly stopped working or you were unable to find access to one? Worry not, with CamScanner, you can use your camera to take a photo of the document. That document will be edited and turned into a high-quality picture and will seem exactly the same as the document that has just been scanned. 


This is a very useful app, which was formerly known as Read it Later. This app allows you to save, manage and read later the articles that you have found on the internet. If you are at work and you were reading this great article but were interrupted by your boss calling you into his office, this app lets you save that article so that you can read it later at leisure. 


You can use this app for transcribing important meetings. This can come in handy for those who have to make minutes. You can avail of the business-level membership to fully integrate with the Zoom app. But for freemium use, you get 600 minutes per month of transcription services for recording meetings for up to 30 minutes. However, the thing about Otter is that the transcription being done isn’t 100 percent accurate, so you will need to constantly proofread the transcribed material. 


Buffer is a goldmine for social media marketing agents. Basically, their job is to post content on the brand’s social media platforms. But it can get hectic, having to wait and then post content when the time is right. The Buffer app manages all your social networking accounts for you. It allows you to schedule when you can post on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts. You can also analyze the results and engage with the community. It is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.


It is a payment platform that small and medium-sized businesses can use for credit card payments. It also has the option of a card reader. You don’t have to rely on cash or peer-to-peer payment apps. You can also track the financial performance of your retail business by reading information on sales and inventory. 

Final Thoughts

What can be concluded here is that these apps are pretty handy in helping you bear with the grind of workdays. You don’t have to totally rely on your mental capacity to get any job done, rather these apps have been designed to handle the tasks that seem too overbearing for you. Such apps are not limited to the ones mentioned in this article; they are unlimited, each unique in its ability to help you get any job done. 

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